What Sets Us Apart

Superior dentistry

We strongly believe in providing only the finest dental treatment available. Our goal is to positively affect lives through our exceptional effort. We want to give you a new sense of confidence in your teeth and appearance. And, we want to do this in a supportive atmosphere that makes the entire experience smooth and more comfortable than you have ever experienced in a dental or medical practice.

We provide superior dentistry utilizing the most current techniques and the highest quality materials available. In our office, we understand that dental treatment will have effects well beyond your teeth so we are dedicated to your complete care. In the rare situations where difficult problems require referral, we have excellent relationships with dental and medical providers in the area so that we can help you get the care and expertise needed to restore your health and comfort.

Different kind of dental office

You will find it immediately obvious that we are a different kind of dental office. Our most visible asset is our amazing team that is collectively and individually dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable experience possible. We enjoy the consistency of many long-term staff, and all who work at our practice are constantly being trained in the newest technologies. We love showing our patients how gentle and even pain free dental treatments can be. With the exception of orthodontic treatment, we offer every kind of dental treatment. We enjoy the challenge that comes from treating a wide variety of patients and problems and are absolutely dedicated to continuing education and lifelong learning. We strive to provide the best care available and have both the experience and up-to-date education to guide our patients in choosing between tried and true techniques and current technologies.


All people deserve the best treatment and respect no matter their creed, race, or cultural background. You will be treated with kindness equal to all other patients, and that’s a guarantee. To further increase our accessibility, we have some educational materials and post-operative instructions printed in Spanish, and Dr. Martin Schroeder is a marginally proficient Spanish speaker. He is always working to improve his speaking skills.

Priceless quality

We are a fee for service office. This means that we don’t limit our treatment options based entirely on insurance limitations. We do offer flexible arrangements and submit insurance claims for patients, but we firmly believe in providing quality care. Insurance companies are out to do one thing, make money for the insurance company. They are not concerned that you get what is best for you. It would be a disservice to you if we delivered less than ideal treatment to you because your insurance company wants you to get less. In our office you will at least know what the best treatments are and how your insurance will cover this service. You will know what alternatives there are and how well they will be covered and you can decide what works best for you. We will not pressure you to accept one treatment over another but we believe strongly that you should decide your treatment from a point of knowledge. By the same token, we value your time and are happy to offer each new patient a complimentary consultation. We are confident you’ll like the way we do dentistry. Schedule your first appointment to a brighter and healthier smile today.

In case of emergency

If you have a dental emergency, please feel free to call us at our office phone number, 717-677-8145.  If we are not in the office, an emergency contact number will be available for you to talk to a dentist and if necessary be seen after hours.